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Information & Communication Technologies
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Technical Support Center Service Level Agreement


Effective: 28 March 2017


The Technical Support Center (TSC) provides varying levels of technical services to eligible customers at
New Mexico State University.

About this Service Level Agreement:

This document is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines the services and service levels between the service provider, ICT Technology Support Center (TSC), and the customers of the service (customer). Eligible customers are the units, departments, and colleges internal to New Mexico State University. This SLA also incorporates the following:

  • Desktop support services ICT TSC provides to NMSU
  • Hours of Service availability and how to request service
  • Response time for work orders and requests
  • Responsibilities of ICT TSC as a provider of the service and of clients as subscribes to the service
  • Descriptions of service assurance methods, customer service escalation paths, and service performance reporting
  • Pricing associated with the service (service catalog)
  • Requirements for periodic SLA maintenance and review
  • Client and ICT TSC approvals

This SLA will be reviewed annually and revised as needed.

Services Provided:

Under the terms of this SLA, TSC shall provide the following services:

Tier 1 Basic Support

Tier 1 support is provided by the ICT Service Desk and can be used by students, faculty, staff, retirees, and NMSU system affiliates. Support for other operating systems, applications, services, and environments are provided on a best efforts basis. This service is free of charge.
Supported computing environment:

As Tier 1 level support, the ICT Help Desk provides support for:

  • All ICT enterprise products and services
  • Current versions of Microsoft and Apple operating systems
  • Basic IT consulting
  • Provide basic virus scan service
  • Referrals of questions to appropriate campus offices
  • As Tier 1 level support, the ICT Help Desk will not provide support for:
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Installation of operating systems and computer software
  • Backing up of data

ICT Help Desk staff and students are available during normal business hours and special hours, which are posted on our website. Requesting services from the ICT Help Desk can be via the following methods:

Phone: (575) 646-HELP (4357)
Walk-in: Hardman Jacobs Learning Center Room 105

Tier 2 Technical Service

Tier 2 support is provided by the ICT Technology Support Center with staff and students of subject matter experts, who can provide an integrated suite of support services for campus faculty and staff university-owned Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Support is provided by the most efficient method available primarily over the phone, via email, and through in-person visits. Tier 2 support is limited to faculty, staff, and departments of NMSU and is billable hourly or by contracts.

Supported computing environment:

As Tier 2 level support, the ICT TSC provides services for:

  • All ICT enterprise products and services
  • Computing hardware and software maintenance
  • Installation of current operating systems
  • Installation of licensed software
  • Computer and hardware purchases Virus and malware removal
  • Imaging and rebuild computers
  • Backing up of data

As Tier 2 level support, the ICT TSC will not provide services for:

  • Non NMSU-owned computers

Technology Support Center staff and students are available during normal business hours and can be requested via the following methods:

Phone: (575) 646-4209
Work order request form:

Under the terms of this SLA, the users shall be responsible for the following:

  • Abide by the NMSU Policy Manual Rule 2.35: General NMSU Information and Communication Technologies Policies
  • Abide by all NMSU network use policies and network standard operating procedures.
  • Request services through the above methods.
  • Contact ICT for any computing problems.

System Availability, Troubleshooting, and On-Call Support:

System Availability

With the exception of regularly scheduled maintenance and backup time periods, the systems supported shall be available for access seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Specifically, core services are normally expected to be available for use 24 hours per day, 7 hours per day, 365 (366) days per year, except for scheduled downtime.
Notifications of downtimes and likely impacts will be sent out to the user community via email, if significant enough Administrative council will also be notified.

Troubleshooting, Response Time and Escalation

Tier 1

When a problem is reported, an online ticket will be generated and will be emailed to the customer. It may take up to 2 business days to process the request. ICT will attempt our best efforts to respond sooner if possible. Depending on the issue, the time to resolve problems will vary. The user will be notified via email when the issue is resolved as well as when the issue is escalated to the next level of support. This pertains to all methods of requests: Email, walk-in, phone, and voicemail.

Tier 2

When a problem is reported, a work order will be generated and the information will be emailed to the customer. Depending on the priority, it may take up to 2 business days to process the request. ICT will attempt our best efforts to respond sooner if possible. The time to resolve problems will vary; factors such as vendor hardware or software support are not always within ICT control. Where suitable and based on available inventory, ICT will take steps to provide temporary workarounds or equipment while a solution is being worked on.

ICT shall provide one (1) week notice of any planned outages/changes to the systems or services covered by this SLA. In emergency conditions or in the events of an unplanned outage, ICT shall provide as much notice as possible and, if possible, repairs will be scheduled outside of normal business hours. However, no guarantees can be offered regarding warning or indications of lost services when accessing, updating, or maintaining the system during emergency situations. Please note that scheduled maintenance for the Commercial Network Services Systems is essential to ensure reliable, secure, and high-performance operations. This means that any changes made to the Core Systems will impact the campus as a whole.

Service Assurance and Feedback

Users should bring to the attention of the Liaison any matter that may require resolution.

In order to tailor the ICT charter to meet the growing and changing needs of its clients, feedback regarding the services provided under this SLA is valuable. The opinions of those whom we support are important, and shall help ICT provide better service and identify the future needs of our clients. Therefore, your assistance with any customer satisfaction surveys that you may be presented with is greatly appreciated.