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Service Cost
Computer Setup
(physically out of the box)
Computer Build/Image  $150
Data Backup or Transfer $75
     Data Recovery $75/hr
Email Setup/Connection to Sharedrives $37.50
     Email Problems $30-75
Software Installation $37.50-75
     Install 1 Application(Software not Included)
    Perform Updates and Create Shortcuts on Desktop
Hardware Installation $37.50 – $75 + Parts (If Needed)
Memory Install $37.50 + Price of Memory
Remove Virus/Malware $37.50 – $75
     Depends on Severity
Printer Setup or Troubleshoot $37.50 Minimum + Parts (If Needed)
Miscellaneous: $37.50 Minimum
     Break Password
     Move Computer
     Browser Problems
     Connect to Printer
     Network Troubleshooting
     Login Problems
    Calendar Sharing Problems
     File/Folder Permission problems
     Register device (phone, tablet, computer)
     Power Options problems
     Setup iPad/Tablet
Complete Setup for NEW computer $225
Physically setup and configure device, setup email, transfer data from OLD device, connect to printer
Backup Data/Rebuild Computer/Restore Data $187.50
Backup Data/Rebuild Computer/Restore Data/Re-Install $225
     OTHER Software*
     *Software that requires licensing
Computer Diagnostics & Repair $37.50 Minimum
Troubleshoot device; remove unwanted programs, install critical updates
Computer Tune-UP $75
Install critical updates; check for viruses; remove dust inside
Quotes for new equipment FREE